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September/October - Leadership



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Mikayla deserves this award for her hard work, resilience, and positive attitude in class.  She is a great role model for her peers.



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Kittle

Diego always comes to class with a positive attitude.  He is friendly, responsible, kind, sportsmanlike and a quiet leader in class.  He advocates for himself and is not afraid to approach me for any reason through email/in person and is extremely articulate.



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Williams

It is a pleasure to have Fiona in PE! She works hard, has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond what is expected from her! She is a natural leader and a great role model to other students! So lucky to have her in my class this year!



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Shemyakina

Jenny has emerged as a strong leader in her group and our biology class as a whole. She is not afraid to ask questions, she pays attention, and she sets a wonderful example for other students. Her willingness to teach and learn, to step up and step back, and to advocate for herself make her a true Super Spartan!



Grade 9, Nominated by Mr. Dilloughery

Camden approaches class, learning, and everything that I have seen him attempt, seriously. When in groups, he is a calmly confident leader that listens to his groupmates and guides the conversation and overall progress forward. He is an excellent group member, and is often the unspoken leader by example.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Casem

Gabe is a tremendous leader in our 2nd period AP Comp class.  He is a willing and active participant in all activities, and he never shies away from starting the dialogue, asking a question, or testing an idea.  Gabe leads by example not just in academics, but he also has a positive attitude each day and extends his friendly, open nature to all in our class. He is outgoing, yet focused.  Gabe also is considerate towards his classmates and to me, his teacher. He is often one of the first to lend a hand to help - even when not asked, he anticipates what might be helpful and does it.  Gabe is a young man of exceptional academic and personal character. He displays exceptional leadership in our class.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Price

Tony has been a leader among the AVID students in my AP Comp class. Tony has consistently asked questions of me in order to clarify his understanding of class requirements and of his fellow students in order to clarify his understanding of class concepts. In addition, Tony has helped other AVID students complete work by explaining assignments and encouraging them to work through difficult tasks. Already, this has resulted in improved understanding in all areas of work in the class. Keep it up, Tony!!



Grade 10, Nominated by Profe. Camarillo

Noah demonstrates great leadership in class by helping and encouraging his classmates, demonstrating unwavering enthusiasm every day, and a passion for learning. His love of learning and love of Spanish is contagious, and his classmates appreciate his energetic personality!



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Caramagno

Sophia has been a real treasure in 6th period CWI by helping me make a welcoming environment for all students.  I have seen her actively work to include her table mates, help struggling students and be a leader of her peers.  She has gone out of her way to make students who might otherwise feel left out or vulnerable feel included, supported and values.  I am impressed with her every day. She deserves recognition for making my classroom more of a community.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Williams

Arie is extremely hard working in PE class! She always puts her best effort forward in everything we do! She is welcoming to all of her peers in class and shows true leadership! So lucky to have her as a part of Total Fitness!



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Lee

Moises has great ideas during class discussions. He leads by example in his friendly attitude and willingness to support his classmates through keeping class work organized daily. The class tone is influenced by Moises' stepping up everyday to help.



Grade 11, Nominated by Profe. Camarillo

Carter is a kind and encouraging classmate who gets along well with everyone. He goes out of his way to help others, and he motivates others to improve by constantly striving for his personal best. He is unafraid to be himself and leads by example every day.



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Daniel exemplifies leadership by serving on the Immigrant Resource Committee, working diligently in and outside of school, and serving as a positive example to other students. His kindness and compassion for others shines through in so many ways.



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Lewis

Patrick spends every 5th period volunteering in a  classroom to help students who struggle with math. Not only does he help them with math, but he also talks to them about joining clubs and sports at school.  He also spends time to help the students with other subjects. Patrick makes the students feel welcomed and like they belong to the school. The kids love having him in class because they can talk to him about soccer, but they also love to ask him for help.  Patrick is a student who shows what it means to be a Spartan in everything he does.



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Lewis

Tony volunteers everyday in a math class to help students who struggle with math.  Besides volunteering in a class, he has helped two students with a presentation for Ted Talk.  Because the students felt that they were not good speakers, Tony has helped coach them and gave them pointers on how to look at a crowd when speaking.  He has helped the students with the portion of the Ted Talk that will be in Spanish. The students look up to Tony and love asking him for help. Besides helping the students with Ted Talk, he will pull a group of students aside to help them learn math concepts and to review concepts they are struggling with.  Tony also encourages the students to pursue other activities at school and has told the students that he would come to the activities that they are involved in. Tony is another student who represents what a Spartan is and should be.



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Nene is an outstanding, engaged student in Social Justice!  She stands out for her thoughtfulness and enthusiastic engagement during class discussions.  Her positive energy inspires others and she is very committed to learning and making a difference. Her involvement with BSU also makes Mountain View a more welcoming and inclusive school.



Grade 12, Nominated by Mr. Quillinan

Sydney's leadership has allowed the Spartan Buddies club to grow on our campus. Sydney has volunteered the past two summers to help as a teacher's assistant in my classroom.  She is an advocate and friend to many students with disabilities on our campus.  



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Abigail deserves this award for her thoughtfulness, hard work, and commitment to stand up to injustice. She strives to push herself past her comfort zone by expressing her ideas more confidently during class discussions, and she is a caring, compassionate and loyal individual.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Fatima deserves this award because she is a positive role model for other students, is very supportive of her peers, and serves on the Immigrant Resource Committee. She exudes strength and confidence, works hard in class, and is also an active member of the Latino Student Union.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Lee

Julia has been incredible in leading the Leo Club in their activities.  She has had the club members make blankets for the homeless, and she has had each member write letters to a veteran, a deployed person in the service,and or a  first responder in Operation Gratitude. She has a friendly yet firm command of the group she leads as they plan future community services. What a wonderful role model and leader she is!



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Wu

Abhiraj is a steadying force in any group. He leads the group in establishing a process that is not only productive but also inclusive. His warmth, genuine care for others, and attentive listening during collaboration makes him a Super Spartan!



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Esparza

Danny has shown maturity and compassion helping his peers in class, and at the VA and advocating not only for himself but his peers! Danny is a great role model for his classmates and his sense of confidence and independence is through the roof!!



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Angie deserves this award for her hard work, her service on the Immigrant Resource Committee and her commitment to standing up to injustice.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Yick Gilbride

Davina is an outstanding leader in so many ways!  She is extremely hardworking and puts her best effort and passion into all of her assignments in history and social justice.  Her insightful comments, inspiring speeches, and supportive attitude helps bring out the best in other students.

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