ASB President Candidates

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Hi Spartans! I’m Bridget Stuebner, and I’m running to be your ASB President! If you want someone who will bring inclusivity, show school spirit, and advocate for your needs, vote Bridget. I’m honored to have served as ASB Vice President this past year and class Vice President in prior years. As ASB Vice President, I worked hard to create an inclusive environment at congressional meetings and class events. I will continue to do this as ASB President by collaborating with all of our amazing clubs/groups, asking for feedback from people around campus, and providing my email for questions. I want you to feel happy and included. You can count on me to treat you with kindness. I will bring school spirit by promoting all events that students are a part of, whether it be the arts, sports, robotics, etc. I pledge to support the entire student body and encourage everyone to do the same. I will make up for lost time from the pandemic by hosting fun events geared towards what you want (e.g. rallies, dances, picnics, tailgates, Battle of the Classes, Homecoming. . .) As President, I will make connection a priority. As we adjust to the changing environment, I will continue to work tirelessly with the administration, faculty, and PTSA to advocate for your wants and needs. I want to represent you. Together we can welcome each other safely back to campus and reimagine the MVHS experience. I would really appreciate your vote! Remember: Want legit? Vote Bridget!

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Whats up Spartans, My Name is Dylan Leahy and I would love a vote for me for ASB President. As ASB President I want to make sure that the 2021-22 school year is the best that it can be for every single spartan. This past year has been tough for all of us and if we can bounce back strong that would be amazing. I want to use my three years of ASB experience to the fullest and I know I will be prepared for anything thrown my way. VOTE DYLAN!

ASB VP Candidates

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My name is Yianni Tsigaris and I’m running for ASB Vice President. I believe that school spirit is essential to a good and memorable high school experience. That’s why if I were elected to be ASB vice president my main focus would be on increasing school spirit and re-building the community at Mountain View that we lost during the pandemic. I would introduce new weekly lunchtime activities to get students involved in the community and talking to each other, provided that we are back in person next year. I would work to make rallies at school more frequent and interactive for students. I would communicate with students at Mountain View and listen to their input about ASB events. I would also make use of my previous leadership experience as the current junior class president to help make 2022 special. Vote Yianni Tsigaris for ASB vice president if you want an awesome 2022.

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Hey Spartans! I’m Toki Morimoto, and I am running for ASB Vice President. After representing the Class of 2023 for the past two years as Class Secretary/PR (Freshman + Sophomore year), I want to step out and get involved with the whole school as ASB VP this upcoming school year. I am currently involved in ASB as Sophomore Class Secretary/PR, Varsity Girls Basketball and Cross Country, Biology Club, Speech and Debate and the American Red Cross. The past year has been crazy during quarantine, but I hope that our Talent Show, Among Us Game Night, and Trivia Week hosted by the Sophomore Class Cab and me have helped you pull through! I’d like to continue to serve you next year as your ASB Vice President: I appreciate your votes :)

ASB Secretary/PR Candidates

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My name is Tyler Lin, and I am running for ASB Sec/PR. My role as ASB Secretary/PR would be vital in both furthering a more inclusive community, as well as promoting school spirit. As the head of Public Relations, promoting events that support an inclusive community would be very easy with the tools and responsibilities given to me, such as the social media accounts and the campus bulletin boards. Similarly, said tools would also allow me to reach many students at a time and promote more school spirit. While I do think that MVHS does a satisfactory job of making students feel welcomed, I think that the school can do much, much better. I believe that promoting more activities around cultural diversity/awareness would be an excellent start. During my time at Blach Intermediate School, I participated in the leadership program with a few of my peers. There, I learned the basics of leadership and building a strong community. In addition, I am currently a part of E3 Youth Philanthropy, a group of student leaders who are given the opportunity to help local nonprofits and lead volunteer projects. All of these experiences have helped me understand the responsibilities and reliability it takes to be a member of the student body. I believe that my experiences will help me be a good ASB Secretary/PR, as I understand the importance of community building and teamwork, which are two major parts of the role.

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Hi Spartans, My name is Olivia Davis and I am running to be your Asb Secretary/PR. My goal as your Secretary//PR is to provide an inclusive environment where students feel comfortable bringing up their questions and concerns and allow me to be their voice to admin and asb. The experience I have gained from being in leadership programs for the last 4 years allows me to understand the importance of inclusivity and communication and how essential it is for a school environment. As a past Activities Committee and Dance Committee member, I negotiated with outside vendors to secure services for our events and communicated with the school and district administration. After events, I actively sought out feedback to share with ASB so that we could continue to improve the student experience. I will apply all of my past experience to my role as ASB Secretary/PR. I am excited about next school year, and hope that I can be a part of yours.

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Hi Spartans! Many of you may not know me well, but I'm passionate, hardworking, determined, and ready to lend a hand wherever it’s needed. I want to share my passion and aid in making sure ASB is playing its part in making this school a better place for everyone. I may be an underdog but best believe I can be the backbone of ASB. I am dependable and you can count on me to always get the job done. Being Secretary/Public Relations Officer, you will need to be organized, a great listener, and creative. Who else is better for this position than a big sister, varsity cheerleader, and AVID student?  I plan to deepen community awareness by assisting in planning noteworthy events. As secretary/PR, I also plan to use my strong communication skills to notify teachers/students about events. Although this is my first year running for ASB, I can assure you that I am ready to grow and succeed in making sure you enjoy your high school experience. The leadership skills I developed from being active in church and home life have allowed me to gain interpersonal skills that I plan to utilize in this position. It may be unconventional to go on a whim on someone you may not know, but we are in unconventional times, and coloring outside the box is the new norm. Give me the chance to give you my all! You’ve tried the rest, now vote for the best! Vote Precious!

ASB School Board Representative Candidates 


Hi! My name is Ava Keshavarzi, I’m currently a sophomore, and I’m running for 2021-2022 School Board Representative! Some of my favorite activities that I have been a part of during this past year are JV swimming and a student leaders against poverty program through a non-profit organization! Some things I’ve enjoyed doing during these quarantine times are cooking, hiking, going to the beach, and watching way too much Netflix. I was motivated to run for a student government position because of the opportunity to be a part of creating a positive and inclusive school environment at MVHS. If I were school board representative, my main focus would be using my previous leadership experience and organizational skills as well as ability to communicate with others effectively to work towards voicing the needs of the student body to the school board, a place where improvements and changes can be made in the interest of the well-being of the student body. I would like to work to make the voice of every student at MVHS heard and work off student feedback in school board reports as well as highlight the accomplishments and contributions of so many MVHS students in student of the month recognitions. I would love to be your School Board Representative for the next school year!

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Dear Spartans, my name is Emily Gupta and I’m running to be your School Board Rep! If I am elected to represent our school, I will make sure that you have a voice. A big part of my mission for Mountain View is making sure that everybody has a say in what they want the future of our school to look like. I will greatly value each and every students opinions as we strive to create a more enjoyable high school experience. If I am chosen as school board representative, I will make sure to take your feedback and relay it to those who have the power to make real changes within our community. I am qualified to take on this position because I am a dedicated and hard worker, in and out of school. In school, I have a variety of previous experience in leadership roles. I am currently in the ASB class and the school site council, where I partake in similar activities to what I would be doing as our school board representative. I am also an active member of National Charity League outside of school, where I continue to support our community. Remember to take the next step and vote Emily Gupta for your school rep!

More information about voting and grade level specific elections can be found on the ASB Canvas page:

Elections take place March 16-19th.