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ASB President Candidates

Hey Spartans! I’m Toki Morimoto. I am your current ASB Vice President, and will be running for ASB President for the next school year. I have served Mountain View High School as part of ASB for the past three years now, and look forward to bringing out the best of our school as your president next year. I would appreciate your votes, and thank you!

ASB VP Candidates

Hello Spartans! My name is Pedro Alcazar and I am running to be your ASB Vice-President! It has been a huge honor to serve as your ELD Commissioner this year and I hope I can continue my accomplishments such as celebrating diversity, creating inclusivity, and supporting the student body and their needs, as your ASB Vice-President. Being ELD Commissioner this year has truly taught me responsibility, leadership, and hard work. Along with the Diversity Committee, I present to the ELD classes monthly to keep them informed, planned our first ever cultural fashion show so students could showcase the different cultures that make up MVHS, and translate flyers to Spanish so that language isn't an obstacle for our Spanish speaking students. Therefore, if I were to get elected, I would listen to your needs, promote school spirit, and create an inclusive school community where we can all come together to solve problems around campus and improve our Spartan community. To do this, I would create events that we would all enjoy, take your feedback so that ASB and our events can improve, reach out to you more, and be as accessible and helpful as I can be so that we can see real change in our MVHS community. I truly believe that MVHS is a place to learn, grow, and thrive, and with your vote, I can make sure that we stick to these principles as ASB Vice-President. So remember: Many people agree, vote Pedro for VP!!

I am River Jones, and I am running for ASB Vice President. I love to build lasting relationships, ski, and play baseball. I am academically focused and especially interested in science and medicine. My qualifications include five years of leadership experience, including three years in officer roles, currently Sophomore Class Vice President. I have broad student connections and a commitment to making MVHS even better. I also have a strong knowledge of the technology required for event planning and leading meetings. I will work toward the goals that you want me to pursue. I hope to increase student representation at congressional meetings to provide more diverse input. We need to prioritize returning to normalcy and rebuilding our school spirit. I appreciate that MVHS puts students at the center of policies and practices, including course selection, teacher evaluation, curriculum design, grading, and the flexible dress code. I will ensure that this student-focused philosophy endures and expands through the administration transition. I promise to continuously strive to determine what you need and drive ASB to help. RIVER WILL DELIVER!

My name is SJ Montiel and I am running to be the 2022-2023 ASB Vice President. Every student at our school has a voice, they all have their opinions and ideas, and every single one of them deserves to be heard. This school year I co-founded the Kapamilya Club, a club that not only represents my Filipino community but also sheds light on the rich and beautiful culture of the Philippines. I am eager to do the same, to spread awareness, to bring life and to give ear to our Spartan community. For those who do not know me, I am extremely passionate about building connections, learning about different cultures, being there for other people and most importantly using my voice to create change. I could talk more about the qualities that I have or how many things that I have accomplished, but this isn’t about that, it’s about what I am willing to do for all the students that make up our beloved community. Like anything in our society, our school is far from perfect, and there are things that we need to bring change to, and I will address that and I will take into account every individual input of our student body. We will rebuild the culture and spirit that we have at Mountain View, promoting inclusivity and diversity. I want to make every event on campus enjoyable and attendable for every single student. If elected, I vow to lead by example, and to be the change that inspires others to do things for the betterment of us all.

ASB Secretary/Public Relations

Hi Spartans! My name is Billy Peir and I am running for ASB Secretary/PR. I have been a part of ASB for the past two years as part of the activities committee, helping plan many of the on campus events in that time. I am an active member of the community here, being part of both the basketball and baseball teams, as well as being part of clubs such as Math Mission. If I were to be elected, I would help create a more spirited environment for everyone on campus, as well as to help hold ASB accountable for helping the community. ASB is responsible for answering your concerns and wants, and I would work to make sure those are heard. Overall, I want to make a more inclusive and fun environment next year. Go Spartans!

ASB School Board Representative

Hey Spartans! My name is Ava Keshavarzi, I’m a current junior, and I’m running for 2022-2023 School Board Representative! Some of my favorite activities that I have been involved in at MVHS are participating in swimming and water polo, serving as president of the Persian Culture Club, and being a freshman orientation pod-commissioner! It has been my honor to serve as your School Board Representative for the 2021-2022 school year. Throughout this year, I have worked on addressing the concerns of the student body and maintaining communication with both the student body and the school board. I have done this through administering numerous student feedback surveys and detailed school board reports at Congressional Meetings as well as taking initiative towards allowing for Special Education students to receive the Student of the Month award and leading a group of ASB students who are preparing a statement to the board about the balance between academic challenge and student safety at MVHS. Looking forward, I would like to continue to work on including the voice of every student at MVHS and gathering greater student feedback to supplement my school board presentations and advocate for the changes students want to see at our school. I would also like to place a greater focus on staying accountable to our school community and keeping the MVHS student body informed on what is happening at the administrative level in an accessible and enticing way. I would love to be your School Board Representative for another school year! 

Elections take place March 10-11th 2022.

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