Information about Student Government and Student Activities Elections and Applications

2018 Student Government Election Results
ASB President - Talar Sarkissian
ASB VP - JD Coyne
ASB PR - Lydia Lam
ASB Treasurer - Andrew Huang
ASB Secretary - Renee Landa
ELD Commissioner - Samuel Angel Morales
School Board Representative - Varunjit Srinivas
PTSA/SSC Student Representative - Jackson Harnett
Class of 2019 President - Maggie Eggleton
Class of 2019 VP/PR - Padyn Kesselring
Class of 2019 Sec/Treas - Sonja Parker
Class of 2020 President - Krish Gujral
Class of 2020 VP/PR - Miles Lin
Class of 2020 Sec/Treas - Lucy Mahlmeister
Class of 2021 President - Josh Lillie
Class of 2021 VP/PR - Paris Harrell
Class of 2021 Sec/Treas - Erin Coyne
Class of 2022 President - Dylan Leahy
Class of 2022 VP/PR - Bridget Stuebner
Class of 2022 Sec/Treas - Natalie Mahjoor

Student Government Positions

ASB President: Lead business meetings. Heads Human Relations and plans ASB Socials. Organize Freshman Orientation and Back to School Night. Oversee and advertise ASB Government and Activities Elections and Applications.

ASB Vice President: Organize all Congressional Meetings and serves as Speaker of the House. Work with Ambassadors to organize 8th Grade Night.

ASB Secretary: Record minutes for Congressional and Business meetings. Maintain materials, forms in ASB room, update ASB Google Calendar.

ASB Treasurer: Check the budget and oversees the use of money for all activities. Run monthly Council of Treasurers (COTS) meetings.

ASB Public Relations: Maintain ASB Website for all student activities on campus and social media accounts. Communicate with Oracle and Yearbook, and news outlets (when appropriate) about upcoming activities and events on campus. Works with all PRs in class cabinets and Student Activities Committees.

Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class Cabinet:

President: Plan and facilitate monthly class meetings with Class Adviser. Work with Class VP to organize quarterly class socials and activities. Plan and organize Homecoming float building.

Vice President/Public Relations: Assists Class President, works on Homecoming float. Work with Class President to organize class socials and activities. Maintain social media presence. Update class about activities, dances, rallies and ASB decisions. Maintain a contact log. Act as liaison for one of the following: Athletics (Signing Day), Clubs/Organizations, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts.

Secretary/Treasurer: Helps with Homecoming, plans fundraisers, and oversee class budget. Maintain meeting minutes for all meetings. Organize bimonthly Super Spartan Awards.

Student Representatives:

School Board Rep: Provides reports at School Board meetings and writes Student of the Month biographies.

*PTSA and School Site Council Rep: Attend and provide ASB updates at PTSA meetings. Attend Monthly School Site Council meetings as a representative of the student body.

*Clubs Commissioner: Act as Club liaison between ASB Council and Council of Presidents (COPS). Oversee COPS meeting each month, Present Club Adviser overview to staff before school starts. Organize Back to School Night Sales, Homecoming Picnic, and Club Arena.

*ELD Commissioner: Works as a liaison to students in the ELD program. Must be an ELD student.

*These positions will be filled by application process.


Student Activities Committees

*Activities Committee: Organizes and oversees lunchtime and after school activities put on by ASB including our Haunted House and Talent Show. Plans athletic tournaments such as Dodgeball Tournament and March Madness.

*Rally and Spirit Committee: Plans and organizes the school rallies.  Organizes and oversees spirit week activities (New spirit weeks, Winter Week).

*Dance Committee: Organizes and plans all dances including B2SD, Homecoming, Winter Formal and Prom

*Community Service Committee: Plans and promotes community service events on campus

*Wellness Committee: Encourages and supports the wellness of the student body and its faculty. Coordinates with PTSA to put on Spartan PAUSE and other wellness related events.

*Diversity Committee: Encourages and supports the diversity of the student body and its faculty

Homecoming Committee - Made up of members of the Dance, Diversity, Rally/Spirit, and Activities Committees

*These positions will be filled by application process.

Officer Duties

The ASB Council is made up of both elected and appointed positions. Assuming a leadership role requires a great deal of dedication and responsibility. Council members are expected to take initiative, communicate, attend events and meetings, and complete their jobs without having to be reminded. In addition to specific commission duties, all members have the following responsibilities:

  • Uphold MVHS Leadership 4 Core Values: Creating an Inclusive Community, Promoting School Spirit, Celebrating Diversity, and Accountability to Self and Community.

  • Enrolling in the 2nd Period Student Government or Student Activities Class

  • Attend the Summer MVHS Leadership Retreat (8/10-11)

  • Organizing at least one event per semester

  • Volunteering time before and after school (eight hours per month) for school events

  • Supporting all ASB events (dances, fundraisers, lunchtime activities, rallies, etc.)

  • Understanding and being aware of all Student Leadership position responsibilities

  • Attending Leadership training, bonding, camps, and retreats (during the summer and throughout the year)


Application Checklist

  • Thoughtful choice of a position

  • A completed candidate information sheet

  • All campaign/application materials submitted by February 27, 2018

  • Ability to attend the Summer Leadership Retreat (8/10-11)

  • Counselor’s signatures

  • An oath of office signed by you and your parent/guardian

  • 2 staff recommendations

  • Signed Leadership Behavioral Contract

  • Elected positions:

    • Select a campaign manager to help you (another student who can help with posters, etc.)

    • Mission statement, written and sent to Sarah Davenport (Elections Commissioner,

    • Understand and abide by all campaign rules and regulations

    • Attend Campaign Meeting on February 27, 2018 at Lunch in ASB Room and turn in Elections Packet

Got Questions?
Christine Yow, Student Government Adviser,, Room 120
Carson Rietveld, Student Activities Adviser,, Room 413/415
William Blair, Activities Director,, Main Office