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Sophomore President Candidates

Hi, my name is Ian Brodie and I am a current 9th-grade student and serve as the Secretary and PR for the freshman cabinet of ASB. I have been in leadership and government positions since 5th grade and have a passion for making exciting events and being a leader. I want to address the issue of limited contact between the ASB members and the student body this year and want to create a community amongst this large class of students. I will implement a system where we get to see real student problems solved and projects that the majority of students really want. I have prior experience being class president at my middle school and hope to continue this at MVHS to have a great year. However, ASB is not my only passion as I do sports in and out of school all year long and understand the stress of student-athletes and all those with extracurriculars outside of school and will work like all others to figure out ways to help us find balance. I know that we all feel we lost a lot of time to create and go to events and I want to do my best to make this year an action-packed year for us all to make up for that time. Thank you and go Spartans!

Sophomore Vice President Candidates

Sophomore Secretary/Public Relations Candidates

Atulya is an active member of the MVHS community. As Sophomore PR/Secretary, Atulya’s main priority will be making sure that everyone has a say in ASB. His solutions include frequent polls to hear from the school, in-person forums to share ideas, and adding more types of events to include everyone (for example photography contest, school spirit poster making). Everyone expresses school spirit differently and ASB needs to ensure you are heard.

Elections take place March 10-11th 2022.

Hi! I’m Christophe Bouteille, one of the Candidates for the Sophomore VP/Treasurer position. Some of my previous experience consists of serving as the Freshman VP/Treasurer, which I am doing right now. The positions are practically the same, so I am aware of the different duties that must be performed for the position. Some of the actions that I would like to take should I be elected are as follows: I would like to organize class fundraisers that benefit the Sophomore Class. By using the funds raised from these fundraisers to organize new and interesting events for the students, we can create a stronger sense of community among the Sophomore Class, and bring them together. In addition, I would like to increase the attendance at the monthly class meetings, so that there can be a closer relationship between ASB and the student body. Furthermore, I would like to make sure that all of the needs of the Sophomore Class are met by our cabinet and ASB as a whole so that the high school experience at MVHS can be the best possible.

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