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March 12th - March 16th

MONDAY MARCH 12TH: The Cultural Map!

In the library, there will be a "map" or a large piece of paper. On sticky notes, you can write questions about specific countries or cultures and put them on the map! Your questions will be answered on open mic night on Friday.  


TUESDAY MARCH 13TH: Iwata Exchange organized movie exploration!

We will be watching Spirited Away at lunch in the small gym (Attend by sign ups, only 35 spots).

WEDNESDAY MARCH 14TH: Black Student Union is presenting a cultural video!

This will be held in the small gym at lunch.

THURSDAY MARCH 15TH: Asian Student Union activities!

This will be held in room 310 at lunch.

FRIDAY MARCH 16TH: ASB organized open mic!!

At lunch in the main quad.

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