Current MVHS Students interested in joining the ASB Leadership Classes (Government, Activities):​​

  • ASB Government and Activities Positions and Committees: Description of Responsibilities
    Please read this carefully before deciding what position you will run or apply for.

  • MVHS Leadership Program Information Sheet
    Distributed during Advisory Week and classroom visits

  • Information meeting - Thursday, January 30, in Room 413/415

  • Applications DUE by Wednesday, February 12 in ASB Mailbox in Activities Office or at the mandatory campaign meeting for elected positions.

    • If you were unable to attend the information meeting, please make sure you send an email to to let us know you are interested and so we can fill you in on important information you missed at the meeting. 

  • Executive Cabinet Elections - February 26-28

    • ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Treasurer, ASB Secretary/Public Relations, Student Board Representative​

  • ASB General Elections - March 4-6​

    • Class Cabinets - President, Vice President/Treasurer, Secretary/Public Relations​

  • Interviews - March 11-12 After school​

    • Rally/Spirit Committee, Activities Committee, Dance Committee, Diversity Committee, ELD Commissioner, Any open positions. ​

Incoming 9th graders interested in joining the ASB Leadereship Classes: 

Information Sheet for Incoming 9th Graders

Distributed at 8th Grade Night (January 23, 2018)

Incoming 9th graders have the option of joining the ASB Government class as a class officer (President, Vice President/Treasurer, or Secretary/Public Relations) or the ASB Activities class on the Introductory Activities Committee. 

Fill out the application and return to Ms. Yow via email by March 13th. 

Email Ms. Yow at if you have any questions about anything.

Applications to Join ASB Student Leadership Classes for Incoming 9th Graders

You must fill out an application to join the class. Simply signing up for it will not result in your being in the class. 

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