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We, the students of Mountain View High School, create ASB as a student governing body in order to promote school spirit and good citizenship, to teach the privileges and responsibilities of self government and to aid in the direction of school activities. 

ASB CLASS 2017-2018


Carson Rietveld 

Christine Yow 





ASB President: Arjun Gujral

ASB Vice President: Kalea Vandeventer









ASB Secretary: Nomi Rosen









ASB Treasurer: Bryan Peltier









ASB Public Relations: Dani Karchmer









Senior President: Jake Lillie









Senior Vice President: Bethan Parry









Senior Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren Price









Senior Public Relations: Shareen Estremera

Junior President: Noa Merry









Junior Vice President: Talar Sarkissian









Junior Secretary/Treasurer: Maggie Eggleton









Junior Public Relations: Andrew Huang









Wellness Committee: Caroline Kemp









Wellness Committee: Tatyana Carrion-










Diversity Committee: Deshan Yapabandara






Sophomore President: Krish Gujral









Sophomore Vice President: Emily Klemm









Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer: Lydia Lam









Sophomore Public Relations: Jackson Harnett








Freshman President: Mira Shah









Freshman Vice President: Abby Evans









Freshman Secretary/Tresurer: Veronica Marulanda









Freshman Public Relations: Paris Harrell









Dance Commissioner: Brianna Sauter









Clubs Commissioner: Sam Ruben









Performing/Visual Arts Commissioner: Matt Ko







School Board Representative: Varunjit Srinivas









Historian/Music/Web/Tech Commissioner: Ani Ralston









Student Recognitions Committee: Stella Rufeisen









Student Recognitions Committee: Ava Kopp









Diversity Committee: Erika Kai

Elections Commissioner: Sarah Davenport









Homecoming/Prom Commissioner: Kyla Turner









Multi-Cultural Commissioner: Marco Torres Romero








Community Service Commissioner: Renee Landa









Environmental Commissioner: Peyton White









Speaker of the House: Charlie Eggleton









ELD Commissioner: Jennifer Huan









Activities Committee: Jiro Walther









Activities Committee: Nicolas Weng









Activities Committee: Ahad Mirza









Rally Committee: Nicole Guibord









Rally Committee: Elyssa Stein









Athletics Committee: Jamal Khidir









Athletics Committee: Josh Lillie









Staff Recognitions Committee: Nicole Bumgarner

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