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Updated: 9/9/22- EG

What is ASB?

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Welcome to the MVHS ASB Webpage! And to the class of 2026, welcome to MVHS! We are so excited to have you joining us at MVHS this year!

ASB (Associated Student Body) is Mountain View's student government class. We meet every second period in room 413/415. Elections and interviews are held in the spring to determine the ASB class for the following year. 


ASB is the bridge of communication between administration and the student body. This means we voice the opinion of the students at MVHS to the administration to advocate for change! We also are in charge of planning events at MVHS, which includes all the dances, rallies, and lunchtime activities.

Back to school may look a little different this year, but ASB will still be working hard to provide activities and opportunities to provide feedback to the student body. 

Here is the ASB class of 2022-2023:

ASB President: Toki Morimoto

ASB Vice President: Pedro Alcazar

ASB Secretary/PR: Billy Peir

School Board Representative: Ava Keshavarzi

Treasurer/Clubs Commissioner: Soni Chawala, Amanda Balbuena

Webmaster: Emily Gupta

Diversity Committee: Precious Nyarko, Elsy Rojo-Villagomez, Jay Sanchez

Academic Peers Coordinator: Kavya Wazhi

ELD Commisioner: Yuritzya Zaragoza


Senior President: Jason Zhang

Senior Vice President/Treasurer: Bryan Kim

Senior Secretary/PR: Sara Heydari


Junior President: Karena Shah

Junior Vice President/Treasurer: River Jones

Junior Secretary/PR: Brandon Ng


Sophomores President: Ian Brodie

Sophomores Vice President/Treasurer: Christophe Bouteille

Sophomores Secretary/PR: Atulya Weise


Freshmen President: Aria Rani Sindlenecker

Freshmen Vice President/Treasurer: Kate Mckinley

Freshmen Secretary/PR: Yerim Jo

Activities Committee - Gold Team

  1. Tyler Norris

  2. Shivani Nangia

  3. Liam Tyler

  4. Sawyer Gaviria


Activities Committee - Black Team

  1. Brent Bennion

  2. Laila Edris

  3. Liam Barrett

  4. Tessa Hunter


Dance Committee

  1. Eliza Blake

  2. Hailey Westcott

  3. Mira Brown

  4. Alana Sukhi


Public Relations Committee

  1. Rohan Melwani

  2. Maggie Lint

  3. Madelyn Rieben

  4. Alexia Cerny


Rally/Spirit Committee

  1. Alana Hernandez

  2. Emily Bennion

  3. Vanya Sethi

  4. SJ Montiel

Recognitions Committee

  1. Addy Kopp (Special Project Coordinator)

  2. Andi Turner

  3. Sam Bettinger

  4. Kai Cheng

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