Clubs Commissioner

Nicole Albright

Clubs Advisor: 

Ms. Caramagno

COPS Meetings 

  • September 18, 2020

  • October 23, 2020

  • November 20, 2020

  • December 11, 2020

  • January 15, 2021

  • January 29, 2021

  • February 26, 2021

  • March 19, 2021

  • April 9, 2021

  • May 14​, 2021

Cops meetings are mandatory for club presidents to attend. They always take place during lunch and until further notice will be held over zoom. 

The first officer training meeting will be held on September 9th 2020. Information for this meeting will be sent to officers.


How to Start a MVHS Club / Organization + Reregistration [link]

Fundraising Form [link]

Donation Drive Form [link]

ASB Finance Request Form [link]

PTSA Funding Request Form [link]

PTSA will review requests at their meetings

Forms are also available in the Activities Office and ASB Room 413/415


MVHS Club Advisor's Handbook [link]

Advisor's Handbook Appendix: Forms and Samples [link]

Guideline for Advertising on Campus [link]

New Club Welcome Information [link]

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