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Senior President Candidates

Hey Spartans, I’m Tessa Hunter and I’m running to be your senior class president. I've had much leadership experience through teaching swim classes to all ages, many years of being a camp counselor for kids, taking mission trips to different hispanic countries to educate and provide for kids and families in need, and much more. I’ve been described by many family and friends as a very outgoing person through always speaking up and willing to take risks. Not only am I fluent in English but also Spanish which allows me to communicate with more people in the best and most effective way possible. My goal is to make your senior year the best and most memorable year ever. It's time to make a positive change by bringing up school spirit around campus. It would be my duty to host monthly meetings for our class to hear your opinions on what you would like to see throughout the school year and any changes you would like to see as well, and I'm committed to being your voice to make sure those needs are met. If you want the best, vote Tess.

Hi, my name is Jason and I'm running to be your Senior Class President! It's been an honor serving you for the past three years as the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior President. As the Senior Class President, I want to make this year the most fun and engaging year of high school for the Class of 2023 before we head off to college. This means buffing up previously popular events, like the Talent Show & Class Socials but with even bigger prizes and even more hype, but also exploring new events like Class Movie nights on the field and Kickball or Spikeball tournaments for exciting prizes, or implementing real change on campus based on student based feedback, like installing microwaves next to the cafeteria during lunch. Over the past 3 years, I've built up a lot of experience in running events for ASB, and believe I can hit the ground running next year with events that everyone can feel excited about. Ultimately, my goal is to foster an inclusive, engaging, and supportive community within this school, and am excited to see what we can accomplish next year :)

Senior Vice President Candidates

Throughout my high school career, I have involved myself in numerous departments of the school including clubs, athletics, performing arts, and more. Whether it is from being the head of a non-profit organization, participating on the board of numerous clubs, leading the varsity soccer team as the captain, or playing in the MV wind ensemble, I have come to value leadership, communication, diversity, and inclusivity. When we look around MV, we see different people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, hobbies, interests, and more; I feel that in the past years, we have failed to acknowledge and involve the majority of the school community. In my senior year, I wish to embrace this diversity and create an interconnected environment where we all feel appreciated and loved.

Senior Secretary/Public Relations

Hey Spartans! I'm Sara Heydari, and I am campaigning to be your Senior Class Secretary and PR. After representing the Class of 2023 this year as Junior Class Secretary and PR, I look forward to continuing my position. At MVHS, I have been involved in ASB, tennis, track, Dance Spectrum, VP of Persian Club, and more. Outside of school,  I enjoy tutoring students in different countries in English and doing volunteer work within various organizations outside of school. Through all these experiences, I have developed the leadership skills and knowledge vital to this leadership position. As  Sec/PR, I look forward to strengthening the community within the student body. I am passionate about organizing and advertising events that meet the wants of students and every student. Constructing a community ensures unity within the class; it can also benefit students' academic successes while improving their mental health. I also would love to celebrate diversity; to reach this goal, I would love to create frequent posts that recognize and appreciate different cultures at MVHS. Recognizing diversity is important to me as it will also make students feel valued and welcomed. All in all, I want to ensure an inclusive environment at MVHS, where every student feels confident to voice their opinions to make changes on campus. I can guarantee that I will represent you and be an active listener of public input. Remember to Vote for Sara!

Elections take place March 10-11th 2022.

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