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Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Gomez

Nathaly constantly asks thoughtful questions, and participates with zeal in class discussions.



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Robledo

Valerie takes great initiative to help others in class. She goes out of her way not only to do her own work at an excellent level, but to include all people in the learning process. She checks in with her group members, helps me re-teach concepts, willingly proof reads or translates materials, and generally .helps all people in a kind and supportive manner. I deeply appreciate her ability to help others without judgement and her infinite patience.



Grade 9, Nominated by Ms. Dilloughery

Alice takes it upon herself to go above and beyond. When encountering a problem, she persists and researches solutions, overcoming obstacles independently without any exterior motivation. Once prompted with a challenge or objective, she is motivated and self-driven. She is awesome student.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Newton

Amber has taken the initiative to slay AP Comp (and sophomore year in general). She has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in both coming to me for help outside of class and participating (and even sometimes facilitating) table group discussions. Our class is an extremely rigorous one; one that needs a student to be accountable for her own learning process. Amber has become a focused and mature learner. I love having her in class!



Grade 10, Nominated by Mr. McHenry

Christopher is passionate about student wellness, and has taken the initiative to write a student wellness curriculum and develop it with feedback from not only MVHS teachers and administrators, but experts in the field he has contacted, including leading academics and best-selling authors.  He is intensely curious, has a thirst for learning, and wants to help those around him.

Nominated by Ms. Lamarche

Though I do not teach a class, I have observed Christopher in several settings on campus in which students are left to their own devices (independent research time during a project, reading, lunch free time), and I've always been impressed with his thoughtful sincere interest in the various tasks and people and activities going on around him. He's checked out ancillary, non-required reading material because of an interest sparked in class, he's introduced himself to new and other students, he greets all and treats all with respect. Christopher's outward-looking and open, welcoming curiosity is a refreshing reminder of the learning spirit we try to encourage.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Miraglia

Ethan is an excellent addition to our community.  He brings an enthusiasm for learning that's contagious and he does a great job of being friendly and inclusive of all his group members.  He pursues his learning with dedication and curiosity.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Caramagno

Gabby always took steps to improve her academic skills by coming in for extra help, redoing assignments until she had mastered the writing and thinking skills and putting together study groups before tests.  In this way her initiative helped her become an excellent student and also supported her friends and classmates in their own learning.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Quillinan

Eliana is an incredible student who cares about helping students with disabilities on campus.  She supports students in our classroom when the Animal Assisted Happiness organization visits our classroom.  She also helps students with disabilities with learning important work skills at the Animal Assisted Happiness Farm.   Eliana is a leader and friend to all of the students in our program.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Quillinan

Sasha is an incredible student who cares about helping students with disabilities on campus.  She takes time out of class to help students with disabilities with learning important work skills at the Animal Assisted Happiness Farm.  Sasha is a Spartan Buddies cabinet member and is planning an off campus social outing for the club. She works at a weekend camp for people with disabilities and helped one of our students at the camp.  Sasha is a leader and friend to all of the students in our program.



Grade 10, Nominated by Ms. Krauss

Daniela is the embodiment of initiative... she is a competitive gymnast, a hard working student who challenges herself, and is an attorney in the mock trial team, showing leadership and taking initiative in collaboration with teammates at lunch and at Tuesday night practices. She is a hub of energy and creativity that keeps the wheels of the team rolling.



Grade 11, Nominated by Ms. Johnson

Moises has great ideas during class discussions. He leads by example in his friendly attitude and willingness to support his classmates through keeping class work organized daily. The class tone is influenced by Moises' stepping up everyday to help.



Grade 11, Nominated by Profe. Camarillo

Mezi is a leader who leads by example both inside and outside the classroom. In class, she welcomes everyone with a smile, encourages them to engage in learning Spanish, and helps without being prompted. In Spartan Dance Club, Mezi takes initiative by choreographing, teaching, and making members feel a sense of belonging and pride. In addition to being a stellar student who demonstrates a high level of work ethic, Mezi also pushes herself to improve as a dancer every day.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. McGuirk

Paul demonstrates initiative in so many ways.  Whether he is engaging with the AVID seniors in providing academic support during tutorials or guiding, encouraging, and providing feedback the Varsity Boys Soccer team at halftime in his role as captain, Paul is the type of student who steps up, goes beyond what's expected, and creates opportunities to make those around him better.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Levy

This student cares deeply about her classmates, her artform and giving back to MVHS and the community at large. She has gone out of her way to initiate the creation of  programs that bring dance to her community and she created a dance scholarships for children in need. She is a valued contributor to our program.



Grade 12, Nominated by Ms. Wu

Tamia Turner has diligently taken charge of her learning and initiated conversations with her classmates and instructor both inside and outside of class to help her work through questions and summarize what she is learning. She is always pushing herself to grow and improve her English skills and does not give up.  Ever. She has also taken the initiative to help me, her teacher, navigate complicated classroom dynamics and brainstormed lessons to help me lead the class through them. Tamia is a Super Spartan in her initiative not only to elevate her learning but those around her as well. I am so grateful for her contributions!

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